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Welcome to Paranormal Realm Investigations, we are a paranormal team located in northern Minnesota. Our group was founded in 2009 by a group of volunteers, that have the passion, experience and various types of equipment to pursue the paranormal and simply the unknown. Spirits communicate with us in different ways, through means of different sounds/voices, shadows, objects they may move, smells they leave, turning things on/off, opening/closing cupboards and doors,or simply watching over us.

We understand that you may have some fears and concerns, we take the time to sit down, talk on the phone or video with you and discuss these concerns. In general, most people are afraid of the unknown or more afraid of what a spirit represents.
Hollywood has done a great job at making scary paranormal movies that play on fears that we may have. There have been thousands of investigations and research done by investigators that show generally spirits do not harm people unless provoked. There are those people out there that will push the envelope and anger the spirits by tormenting the spirits into making contact.

The Spirits don’t generally go out of their way to deliberately scare you, most generally they are family members or other people that haven’t realized they have died. Spirits just go about contacting us in different ways to get our attention.
Most people have a fear of the “unknown” which causes a fear of ghosts. But in reality, they may be just as scared of us and the world we live in. We have investigated single family residential properties to abandoned health care facilities. Historical properties are our both educational and interesting to investigate.

Join us in the hunt for paranormal activity, Visit our page for new information and like us on Facebook!  If you have information to share, a property you would like to have investigated, or a story to tell, then contact us and let us know.

We offer our services at no cost to our clients, but we gladly accept donations. These funds are used for travel, equipment, and other expenses related to researching information.
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