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Nora Springs, IA
Gaylord Mansion
The cabin was completed in December 1853 without the use of a nail, saw or hammer. It was located about a mile east and south of the original village of what was later called Nora Springs (originally called Woodstock). Just 24 when he arrived in Rock Grove Township, he purchased the land for his cabin from a squatter for 75 cents, according to a report in an early edition of the Nora Springs Advertiser.
The Gaylord Manson was built in 1870 by Gaylord, a Puritan pioneer from Warren, Conn., on the site of what had formerly been Gaylord’s 18-by-24-foot log cabin. It is said that the house is haunted, the piano will play and you can hear people talking as if there is a party going on. Its also said there is a lady in a white flowing dress that will decent down the steps from the upstairs. Its said she is dressed in turn of the cemetery clothing. It is reported that Mr. Gaylord killed his family, in the mansion.

Nora Springs, IA
Haunted Gaylord Bridge (Iowa Hawkeye Rd. Overpass)
It’s said a fellow that worked on the Rail Road hung himself from the bridge and was found hanging at the opening of the tunnel of the bridge. It's said if you pass under the bridge/tunnel and look into your rearview mirror you will see the man hanging and swing back and forth as if he had just done it. It is also said by sources that Gaylord hung himself from the tree that sticks straight out (at a horizontal angle) after being distraught after his girlfriend/fiancé he planned to marry, ran off with a guy from the circus. These are a few of the many stories about this bridge that are told. Anouther story says a known serial killer was hung here by the towns people. If you park under it at night, there will be pounding on he car and hand prints on your windows. It is also reported that a railroad worker hung himself off of it.

Swaledale , IA
Opera House
A small unpopulated railroad town with the railroad depot being completed in 1886. The town lots were laid out and sold off to perspective buyers and the town was formed and named in 1892. The town also had a small population of indigenous native Americans know as the Ioway and Ottawa. The native americans of the area would come into town and wait at the schools for handouts from the kids for food on different occasions. Unfortunately there were many mishaps that occurred in 1904, were the town had several fires.
One of the buildings on main street known as the Opera House a two story building with a business in the bottom and offices and one large room on the second floor which housed such activities as anniversaries celebrations, movies and dances and graduations which the second floor was destroyed by fire. The upper half of the building was never replaced and the bottom was remodeled into two separate businesses in 1950-1960 one being the town hall and the other being a tavern. In 1983 the building was divided into two apartments and that’s how they stand today. During my investigation I found evidence of several spirits within the apartments. One young lady who had committed suicide in one of the apartments, another was a gentleman who was in the war (not from this area) , a boy and girl from when the town was formed and an older gentleman farmer looking guy. This is the main spirit that is keeping the others from leaving. Here is the still image I was able to pull from the video footage I recorded. The main spirit is in the circle and the others are surrounding him.

Rockwell City, Iowa
This was an investigation in an old hospital/school near rockwell city, in the top right corner of the photo you can see an apperition forming.  It looked just like black mist as it formed, it swooped down from the corner hitting the camera where we were standing at. It is believed that the gentleman who had this room still haunts it. Yes you do see a full sized horse carriage in this room, it is one of many things stored in this old school. It is said the horse carriage was disasembled outside and reassembled in the room.

Sauk Centre, Minnesota
The Palmer House
Stopping in for lunch at the pub from a road trip back to northern Minnesota we decided to learn more information about the Palmer House and its existence. The Sauk Centre House built in the 1800’s was not exactly the family destination back then, since it housed unsavory characters attracted by its wild ways of booze, gambling and prostitution dated in the history books it was conveniently burnt down in 1900. In 1901 Ralph Palmer built the Palmer House on the same location as the Sauk House boasting it to be the first “first class” hotel being the first building to have electric and indoor plumbing.
Some of the guest and employees say there is activity at the Palmer House including a man who hung himself in the hotel bar by jumping off of the pool table. While others have seen "Annie" waiting at the window of her room for her boyfriend who eventually never returned. Kids laughing in the pub, Squeaky maids cart that may be pushed by "Jacalyn" the maid in room 12.
A boy bouncing a basketball in the hall at all hours of the night, woman wearing a red turban and flowing scarf who walked out of the bar into the lobby one New Year’s Day. Ending with the most haunted rooms 11 with a ghost cat and 17 were the door closes on its own possibly by “Lucy” a woman of the night who has known to get frisky with male visitors at the hotel. Each apparition seems to be showing lack of expression each time they were seen, according to staff and guests.
While we were here, I shot some candids around the first floor hoping to capture a glimpse into the past, although I didn’t find anything in the candids we plan on making a serious overnight here to learn more about the Palmer House.

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