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Paranormal Realm Investigations is a professional team located in Northwestern Minnesota, we offer investigations of the surrounding areas by appointment.

Our goal: To investigate, examin the data collected and decide or debunk any activities going on at said location.

Our purpose: To help clients obtain information and investigate claims in a professional and confidential manner. We observe and collect evidence using peaceful communication methods. Various equipment is used, based on the needs of each investigation with the end result determined by the team at the requested of the client. We are always respectful to the needs of the client and to any and all possible paranormal activities. We pre-plan our approach by gathering information needed, plan an approach to allow us  to collect the most possible amount of evidence. We have the tools to establish or debunk activity through different ways of communication. We use a variety of equipment including computers, audio recorders, Stationary and hand-held night vision IR video cameras, Electro Magnetic field detectors, digital cameras, flashlights, multi-camera digital recording systems, and communication radios. Our evidence goes public only with written consent of the client.  All aspects of the investigation will be discussed with the client as to what goes public and what does not. In the end, we are researchers that want to gain knowledge and expertise use to help other people with similar experiences.

If you have experience or knowledge that you think might make you a great investigator and live in the area, then look us up and leave a message. We're always looking for experienced members to join our team from time to time.

Founding Date 2009
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